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*ROSALIND - As You Like It 

*  Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Nomination - Best Actress

* Drama-Logue Award for Performance as Rosalind

        “Dines is vigorous, intelligent and determined...this Rosalind is more likely to give Orlando’s buns a squeeze when he’s on his way out of a room.  Yet there’s nothing coarse or falsely rustic in anything Dines does. Her voice rides through the verse with a bubbly musical rhythm and when she turns up on a carpet of new-fallen snow in the final scene, she’s a vision of virginal anticipation trimmed in white fur. Rosalind makes the idea of  marriage itself seem to glow.”     - San Francisco Chronicle

          “Dines is terrific at pulling the audience back into the action.   Her Rosalind is beautiful, witty, smart and unapologetically gaga over Orlando. In her hands, Rosalind’s struggles to reign in the passion she feels for her “student” becomes a hugely comic turn.”                                                                                    - San Mateo Times

       “...in a voice that makes sheer music of her lines...the scenes of courtship practice between Orlando and the “boy” Ganymede are pure enchantment...with the charismatic Rebecca Dines onstage all eyes and ears were tuned to her every move.”  -  San Francisco Bay Times

ROSALINE - Love's Labour's Lost - (San Francisco SF)

   “...Rebecca Dines, her eyes skeptically rolling under a pretty crimped hairdo, is his fitting foil as Rosaline. Dines brings a wonderful teasing intelligence to the part..” - San Francisco Chronicle


     “...a clearly defined Lady Macbeth, breathtaking, moving, delicate and almost fragile...the antithesis of the bloodthirsty amazon...chilling and perverse.” - VillageLIfe.com

     “...a lithe seductive Lady Macbeth.”  - Sacramento Bee

ROSALINE - Love’s Labour’s Lost

    “Rebecca Dines, her eyes skeptically rolling under a pretty crimped hairdo, is his fitting foil as Rosaline. Dines brings a wonderful teasing intelligence to the part.” - San Francisco Chronicle

BEATRICE  -  Much Ado About Nothing

    “Their banter is so engrossing, especially in this version of the play, that another hour of it would have been enjoyable.”   - Reno News & Review

TITANIA - A Midsummer NIght’s Dream (’90)

      “Dines handles the verse with an easy naturalism that loses none of its music and executes her athletic movements with queenly grace.”  - San Francisco Examiner

OLIVIA - Twelfth Night

    "...played with the requisite dignity, comedic timing and perfectly by a and lovely Rebecca Dines."  - Nevada Events

THE PRINCESS OF FRANCE  -   Love's Labour's Lost (Tahoe)

    "...an assured Princess of France and delivers the production's most affecting performance. When word arrives that her father has died, that the fun is over, and that she must retreat to duty, the mood shift is touching without disengaging the overall gaiety of the play. It was a marvelously directed and acted moment."  - The Bonanza

MISTRESS FORD - The Merry Wives of Windsor 2003

   “... Rebecca Dines as Ford & Karyn Casl as Page play the merry wives of the title, with the droll Dines a particularly effective foil to Wright (Falstaff)...”

JULIET - Romeo and Juliet (Sydney, 1987)

   “... Rebecca Dines is brilliant as the very young and innocent Juliet hopelessly enmeshed in a maelstrom of hate and violence...”

Her performance is hauntingly touching. It is carelfully balanced between moments of newly awakened passion and child-like fragility.  - Time Out

The Comedy of Errors, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, 2005



by Israel Horowitz

LOOSE CANNONS, Comedy Underground

“...director Rebecca Dines gives Horowitz’s caustic black comedy fable on the violent and sometimes fatal consequences of escalating competition a suitably manic production.”  - LA Weekly

Resume pdf

The Compleat Works of Wllm Shakspr (Abridged) - Director

by Jess Borgeson, Adam Long and Daniel Singer

LOOSE CANNONS, Comedy Underground

“Productions of this fast-paced, cheerfully frothy comedy are popping up all over town like little Bardy mushrooms, and it’s easy to see why...This Santa Monica “franchise” of the show boasts a trio of particularly engaging comic actors...in director Rebecca Dines’ energetic production”  - LA Weekly

As You Like It Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival 2004

“Director Rebecca Dines presents the lovers for vivid language and physical comedy. The cast includes eight Equity actors giving it a sleek feel.  It’s an intelligent orthodox reading with threats of violence and chaos dominating the opening Palace scenes.”  - Sacramento News & Review

(Michel Navarra  as Orlando ,

Carolyn Howarth as Rosalind,

Hugh Dignon as Touchstone,

Dan Hiatt as Duke Fredrick)

Much Ado About Nothing, Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, 2000