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Angela Lansbury,

Charles Edwards,

Jemima Rooper,

Charlotte Parry,

Sandra Shipley,

Simon Jones

& Susan Louise O’Connor


           “When Angela Lansbury takes the stage as Madame Arcati, a supernatural charge is instantly detectable...comic radiance…diamond-sharp wit.”   

— Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

            “So good you may want to see it again...come for Angela Lansbury but stay for Charles Edwards and the rest of the outstanding cast in Michael Blakemore’s sparkling production.” — Jordan Riefe, The Hollywood Reporter

I appeared as Mrs Bradman on

December 30th, 31st & Jan 2nd at The Ahmanson

in Los Angeles &

Mar 3rd at

The Princess of Wales Theatre

in Toronto.

        Angela Lansbury, may we offer you the keys to this slightly frozen city?

        Her performance is almost a compendium of her greatest hits from the world of theatre, combining the headstrong exuberance of Mame with the decrepit grandeur of Countess Aurelia, while the flamboyant panache of Mama Rose walks hand in hand with the seedy music-hall rollicking of Mrs. Lovett.

        It’s a masterful performance in every way, and you owe it to yourself to see it.

        In fact, you owe it to yourself to enjoy all the work of the talented company who share the stage with her and gleefully keep leaping over the bar that she has set. --- Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

Starring Angela Landsbury as Madame Arcarti

Opened at the Ahmanson on December 14, 2014


  1. -Los Angeles Dec 9-Jan18, 2015

  2. -San Francisco Jan 20-Feb 1

  3. -Toronto Feb 10 - Mar 15

  4. -D.C Mar 17 - 29